To contact Division personnel, please call 303-894-7575 or email DORA_BankingWebsite@state.co.us.

State Bank Commissioner
Ken Boldt

Deputy Bank Commissioner
Kara Hunter

Director of Examinations
Mary Stanfield

Director of Money Transmitters
Robert Spell

Operations & Program Director
Cassie Radcliffe

Stakeholder Engagement & Innovations Strategist
Rebecca Laurie

Applications Manager
Jessica Kowalik

Exam Scheduler / ETS
Rachael Thompson

Examination Training Manager
Tracy Green

Communications & Board Administrator
Chas Siler


Caseload Managers

Lisa Shoup      John Pray
Karen Stewart     Linh Jones

Senior Financial Institution Examiners

Debra Russell
Troy Winkel
Jack Thomas

Ryan Seals
Michael Braga
Ken Spellmeyer


IT Examiners

Cynthia Miller
Keith Nakamura

Financial Institution Examiners

Andrew Carlson
Autumn Carlson
Janessa Cook
Collin Fausnaugh
Robert Garduno
Jake Keller
Christine McGinley

Jennifer Picchione
Barbara Pierson
Courtney Roberts
Zach Weiss
David Yost
Antonio Young


Public Deposit Protection Act Administrator

Allison Rothermel

Public Deposit Protection Act Examiners
Jennifer Kim    Caity Anderson

Office Manager

Operations Support
Nancy Miera

Operations/PDPA/Exam Program Assistant I
Angela Davidson