Money Transmitter Statutes


The official version of the Statutes is maintained by LexisNexis and can be accessed by clicking Colorado Revised Statutes. Article 11 of Title 110 - Money Transmitters - is listed out below to assist in locating the appropriate Part on the LexisNexis site.

If you know the complete statute number, you can locate the section. For example, if you want to find Section 11-110-106:

  • "11" indicates the information is located under Title 11
  • "110" indicates the information is located under Article 110 of Title 11
  • The 1 in "106" indicates the information is location under Part 1 of Article 110
  • The number 6 in "106" indicates the information is the sixth section listed under Part 1

If you know the subject, but not the statute number, you can do a Search. Once you are on the LexisNexis site:

  • Left click once in the box next to Article 110. Money Transmitters to select it; all the boxes will auto-populate with checkmarks
  • Scroll to the top of the page and in the box located under Terms and Connectors, type in the subject, such as "License"
  • Click the Search button
  • The system will automatically display all the sections that contain the subject text
  • Scroll through the listing until you find the section you need
  • Left click once on the section title and the full text will display

For your convenience we have posted below a PDF of the article regarding Money Transmitters. Please note this is not an official copy; for the official version please use the link to Lexis/Nexis above. 

Title 11, Article 110 PDF document

Part 1 - General Provisions
Part 2 - Money Transmitter Agents