Week One


Every year in the month of April, we recognize the critical role financial literacy and capability plays in the health, wealth and wellness of every American for Financial Capability Month. We’ll spend the month of April sharing tips, tools and resources that can help us all become more financially aware and capable! #GetWiseAboutMoney #FCMCO2023


Interesting Fact: The U.S. Senate passed a resolution in 2003 officially designating April as Financial Literacy Month. In 2016, President Obama changed the name to Financial Capability Month, issuing a proclamation highlighting the importance of not only learning sound financial skills, but also putting them into practice.

Potayto/Potahto! Whether it's called #FinancialLiteracy or #FinancialCapability, the goal is the same: gaining the knowledge and skills about how to effectively manage your money and putting them into practice! #GetWiseAboutMoney #FCMCO2023


What does Financial Capability mean? Check out the National Credit Union Administration’s Financial Capability page at MyCreditUnion.gov to learn more about it, and tips about increasing it! #GetWiseAboutMoney #FCMCO2023

Get Banked

Having the right type of bank account that fits your financial needs is one step towards improving #financialcapability. Want to learn more about the right account that will suit you?  Visit the FDIC for more information on how to choose the right account for your financial needs. FDIC.GOV/GETBANKED  #GetBanked #FDIC #GetWiseAboutMoney #FCMCO2023

Financial Preparedness

A key component to financial capability is to plan ahead for your priorities and needs. But what happens if an unexpected disaster hits? Priorities can shift rapidly. Coloradans have experienced and overcome some truly devastating natural disasters. Bookmark this Financial Preparedness in Times of a Disaster resource page with links to critical resources and services that help keep your financial well being afloat during times of disaster.  #CoDOI #GetWiseAboutMoney #FCMCO2023

Document Storage

Pro #FinancialCapability Tip: Keep personal and financial documents in one portable place for easy access in case you have to leave your home for safety or natural disasters. Check out @FTC - the Federal Trade Commission - for more tips on how to stay financially ready in times of disaster #GetWiseAboutMoney #FCMCO20223

Safe Storage Graphic

Plan Ahead

An important #FinancialCapability building block is thinking about and then planning for what could be ahead. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (@CFPB) offers a variety of guides to help you plan for many of life’s big financial goals, from buying a house, to disaster and emergency planning, to helping a loved one manage their money. Check out https://www.consumerfinance.gov/consumer-tools/  #GetWiseAboutMoney #FCMCO2023