Rules & Statutes



The official version of the Rules is maintained by the Office of the Secretary of State. By clicking on the appropriate title below, you will be routed to the corresponding rules. Once you are on the Rules page, click the BOOKMARK FLAG displayed in the column to the left of the rules. A listing with links will display and you can click on the applicable rule title to be routed to it.


Commercial Banks

Electronic Funds Transfer

Money Transmitters

Public Deposit Protection

Trust Companies



The official version of the Statutes is maintained by LexisNexis. By clicking on a title below, you will be routed to the industry page that lists out the Articles and Parts for the applicable statute. To copy and/or print a statute, you will need to access the LexisNexis website.

Commercial Banks / Division of Banking / Banking Board - Title 11, Articles 101 to 107

Money Transmitters - Title 11, Article 110 (formerly Title 12, Article 52 - recodified effective 8-9-17)

Public Deposit Protection - Title 11, Article 10.5

Trust Companies - Title 11, Article 109

Surety Bond Alternatives - Title 11, Article 35

Reverse Mortgages - Title 11, Article 38

Accessing the Official Rules and Statutes via the Division of Banking Website (Instruction Manual)